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What is Paper Bubble Wrap and how to use it?

The Paper Bubble Wrap can secure expensive, exquisite, and brittle things like glass, pots, frames, etc. This innovative product can be used as fillers in empty boxes to reduce the risk of damage and ensure adequate protection during conductance and storing. This biodegradable paper has deep indentations that can also be used for extra protection by lining boxes or tight wrapping around the materials. 

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Build a Sustainable Brand with Ecofriendly replacement for Bubblewrap, Hexcush in Box by Pack8®

If Sustainability and environmentalism aren’t at the forefront of your brand’s defining features, eco-conscious packaging can give you an edge over your competition. With a global demand for recyclable packaging and the growing eco-conscious consumer market, there is little surprise as to why paper-based packaging is growing in popularity over recent years. No one better to do so than with Hexcush in Box,

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Unboxing sustainable Packaging in 2022 with Hexcush in Box by Pack8

Unboxing sustainable Packaging in 2022 with Hexcush in Box by Pack8®

Sustainable packaging has greatly expanded giving rise to some wonderful out-of-the-box alternatives. Going forward, packaging will be designed to get the most out of the least. No longer will we face reams of wasteful material once we open a box. Packaging is finally going to be streamlined. And the most obvious way of getting onto sustainability is actually to look into the box. Quite evidently, looking at different alternatives and substitutes for a variety of your packaging materials.

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